Welcome to the first recruiting myth that we’ll be debunking in this blog post series.  As you can see by the title of this post, that myth is, “Recruiting is complex.”

Frankly, recruiting is very simple.  Often, recruiters are the ones who propagate this recruiting myth.

Below is a breakdown of the recruiting process:

  1. Find an organization with a need.
  2. Speak with the organization’s leaders until you understand the need and the opportunity available to the person who can fill that need.
  3. Agree on the financial terms for the search.
  4. Find the person with the skills and who desires to do that job at that location for the compensation the company is willing to provide.
  5. Introduce that person to the company.  Manage the interview offer process.  When the company makes the hire, the search is complete.
  6. Then, you get paid.  It’s that simple.

An average fee is $30,000 for a manager for a large business.  Try explaining the process for building a $30,000 car that simply.

So the next time somebody tries to convince you that recruiting is complex, remember this blog post and the breakdown of the process I’ve listed above.

Recruiting is simple.

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