(By Dan Simmons)

It is half past December, and I can already hear you asking, “Where has this year gone?”  This is a time to look back and see what we’ve accomplished and more importantly, start planning for the future.  There will be sales to forecast, budgets to prepare, and staffing needs to consider.  Ordinarily, these are routine matters, but unfortunately, these are not ordinary times.

So how are you going to deal with these impending issues as they affect your company?

Below are some things to consider:

  • Identifying the “core” group of people who run your organization
  • Implementing an effective “succession plan” for those people
  • Creating a meaningful program that will effectively retain key employees

Where are you going to come up with the people to implement your plan?  I believe the old adage is—you either grow them or you buy them.  If you intend to grow them, the survey suggests that companies need to do the following:

  • Start investing a percentage of their total payroll into providing training opportunities for their employees
  • Develop partnerships with local schools and area community and technical colleges to ensure that students are properly prepared to enter what will be a high-tech, high-performance workforce
  • Make a concerted effort to become more aware of government workforce development programs

If you intend to buy them instead, from where will you get them?  You need access to the resources necessary to identify the quality of people your organization is going to require!  Take time to conduct a courtesy interview to see if a possible candidate could be a part of your succession plan!  Are you going to have the staff required to run your company for the long term?  The clock is ticking!

Dan Simmons Bio

Dan SimmonsDaniel C. Simmons is a Certified Personnel Consultant who has been recruiting since 1991. Dan has won over twenty awards in the last decade with the Top Echelon Network, America’s leading placement network including Placer of the Year in 2009 & 2010.

Frequently Dan also is a recruiter trainer and has been featured at various Top Echelon Conventions and online as a speaker for various webinars. He has also been published in The Fordyce Letter the recruiting industry’s #1 magazine.

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