NCC Releases Chicken Guarantees

The National Chicken Council, which is the oldest and largest national association that represents the broiler industry, has released a set of industry-wide standards. According to an article on The Poultry.Site, the “Chicken Guarantees” were launched. as part of the NCC Chicken Check-In program. U.S. chicken consumption is currently at an all-time high. The Chicken [...]

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The Top 7 Steps to Successful Recruiting

Recruiting, like any other task, has a formula for success. Whether you’re trying to find a receptionist or a CEO, there are steps for identifying, attracting, and hiring the right person for the job. Shortcutting the process often leads to poor hiring, mismatches and early terminations. All of these are costly. While there is a definite process, it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be boiled down to seven steps that will make for one successful recruiting experience.

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It’s Not About the Money (Part 2)

The overriding point of this two-part series is that it’s not about the money. When the compensation being offered candidates is basically the same, other factors are involved in the candidates decision-making process.

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It’s Not About the Money (Part 1)

Top candidates are often in the process of receiving comparable offers from two (or more) companies. They have to decide which company would be the best one to work for. Savvy employers use the interview process to set their company apart from their competitors and show why someone would want to join their team.

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Preparing for Your Annual Performance Review

(By Don Hunter) Performance reviews are one of the major ways that company officials determine whether or not employees receive an increase in their annual compensation.  The good news?  You can have a definite impact on their decision. Preparation prevents . . . well, you know the rest As with many aspects of your [...]

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