3 Selling Points for Enticing Top Performers

During a job interview, it’s sometimes easy for a hiring manager to assume that the only person who has to sell themselves is the candidate. However, it’s important for company officials to realize that it would be in their best interests to sell the qualities of their company, as well.

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Today’s Top Candidates Define Success as . . .

f you want to hire the best candidates, you have to know what the best candidates want for their career. Although every candidate and employee wants to be properly compensated for their skills and talents, money and other compensation is far from what they ultimately desire—and that was proven once again in SimplyHired’s “2011 Today’s Job Seeker Report.”

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Be All That You Can Be

"Be all that you can be.” It’s not just good advice for members of the armed forces. It’s also good advice for members of the workforce. Being all that you can be is not just for the Army . . . it’s for you, too. Let’s face it, the modern marketplace can be likened to a battlefield—and you need to be ready.

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It’s Not About the Money (Part 2)

The overriding point of this two-part series is that it’s not about the money. When the compensation being offered candidates is basically the same, other factors are involved in the candidates decision-making process.

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It’s Not About the Money (Part 1)

Top candidates are often in the process of receiving comparable offers from two (or more) companies. They have to decide which company would be the best one to work for. Savvy employers use the interview process to set their company apart from their competitors and show why someone would want to join their team.

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