By Dan Simmons
Today’s marketplace comes with unique challenges for those companies continually seeking to hire only the best and brightest candidates. Hiring the best and brightest has always presented obstacles and challenges, but events within the economy since 2008 have created special circumstances that have made hiring superstar candidates even more difficult for some companies.

The reason: They’re having trouble accepting the “new math” of today’s marketplace.

What is the “New Math”

With the flood of unemployed people in the market right now, companies are being inundated with applications from eager job seekers.  The adverse side affect of this: company officials are more likely to believe that they have their pick of candidates for their open positions.

In one way, that’s true.  They do have their pick of candidates . . . but do they have their pick of superstar candidates?  The answer is “No,” and the “new math” of the marketplace illustrates this.

Let’s say that there were 100 superstar candidates in your industry at the beginning of 2008.  Then in September of that year, Wall Street melted down, the recession occurred, unemployment skyrocketed, and the number of active job seekers swelled.

Now—how many superstar candidates would you say exist right NOW within your industry?  Still 100?  Maybe 110?  This “new math” equation could be shown as follows:

X# of superstar candidates + recession of 2008 = x# of superstar candidates

Passive superstar candidates are just as difficult to recruit and hire now as they were five years ago.  In fact, it might be more difficult now than it was then. Does your recruiting and hiring process take this into account?  Or do you treat passive superstar candidates the same way that you treat active job seekers? The answers to these questions could be the reason why things just aren’t adding up.

Dan Simmons Bio

Dan SimmonsDaniel C. Simmons is a Certified Personnel Consultant who has been recruiting since 1991. Dan has won over twenty awards in the last decade with the Top Echelon Network, America’s leading placement network including Placer of the Year in 2009 & 2010.

Frequently Dan also is a recruiter trainer and has been featured at various Top Echelon Conventions and online as a speaker for various webinars. He has also been published in The Fordyce Letter the recruiting industry’s #1 magazine.

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