By Don Hunter

The decision to leave a job, any job, is often not easy to do. Many people are endowed with an intrinsic sense of loyalty, which is certainly noble. However, that same sense of loyalty can backfire on them when they’re mired in a job they don’t really want to be in.

Take This Quick Quiz

  • Are you passionate about the work you are doing at least 4 days every week?
  • Does your employer have a realistic vision and plan for the future or are they simply treading water?
  • Are their growth opportunities for you in your current role? (ie: promotion, more responsibility, the chance to work with new technologies/systems, additional training).
  • Are you on the career track you want to be in? Perhaps you took a job within your organization to help or work on a specific project that has moved you from your career goals. This is a good time to re-focus.
  • Does your job provide a balance of life and work? Are you spending time with the people who are important to you and doing what you want to do or are you working too much?

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Unfortunately, many employees wait until their situation grows almost unbearable before they take any action. This is not healthy emotionally, psychologically or physically. The key is to continually analyze where you are and where you want to go. You only have so much time, so much energy, and so many resources. In the final analysis, it doesn’t make any sense to waste those things while engaged in a position that’s basically not going to benefit you.

Loyalty is admirable, but loyalty to yourself and to your family is more than that – it’s a necessity. Can you see yourself doing what you’re doing right now four or five years down the road? Does the thought of that make you want to cringe? If it does, get the ball rolling. Start looking for a position that will give you energy, not sap it from you. You’ll thank yourself later.