When it comes to hiring, companies generally want to speed up their search efforts.  They also want to search for private people.

So, to speed up the search process for private people, utilize a recruiter who specializes in that niche.  Why?  They’ve built a database for this purpose, and they’ll hit the ground running more quickly.

For example, if you need a left-handed Widget Engineer:

  • A good generalist will eventually get the job done.
  • A good Engineering recruiter will do it more quickly.
  • The recruiter who specializes in left-handed Widget Engineers already has a relationship with the guy you want to hire.

With that in mind, there are three proven methods for finding a specialist recruiter:

  1. An Internet search using applicable keywords will produce results.
  2. Databases of recruiters such as www.RecommendedRecruiter.com provide a searchable database.
  3. Speak to people in your company who perform the job.  Ask which recruiters call them and which they would recommend.  This might be the best source.

If you can’t find a recruiter who specializes in left-handed Widget Engineers, by providing your recruiter with a list of competitors or trade association membership lists, you’ll speed up the identification and recruiting process.

When recruiting, highlight the positives of the opportunity so that these balance any negative aspects of the location, compensation, etc.

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