Are you running into recruitment problems due to a limited pool of candidates? You are not alone. Right now, job satisfaction is at a 10-year high, hitting 89% this year and national unemployment is at 3.8% down from 3.9% last month. The US has not seen back-to-back unemployment numbers below 4% since the year 2000. These factors make it particularly challenging for employers to steal away top talent from their competitors.

Regardless of your industry, be it beef, poultry, dairy or even swine, there are some ways you can plan out your recruitment strategy in these trying times. Offer a salary that is competitive in today’s market. Hire a step-down and train your talent to take on this higher position. Speed up your employment process (slow-paced is becoming obsolete). Lastly, partner with a recruiting firm that specializes in your industry. Click here to read more about battling negative employment in the feed industry.

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