Hi, this is Rick Pascual, Dairy Nutrition Recruiter at Continental Search. Dan Simmons and I came across an interesting video lecture from UW – Madison, its focused on Anatomy and Physiology.

On June 8, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biotechnology Center’s BioTrek Wednesday Nite @ the Lab featured Dr. Laura Hernandez, and two of her colleagues. Hernandez is an assistant professor who did a lively discussion about “Udder Anatomy and Physiology.” This lecture included development, evolution and lactation of the udders. She also discussed how the mammary glands protect themselves, specifically with regard to bovines. One of her colleagues talked about antibiotics in milk as well.

Dr. Hernandez, a mammary gland physiologist, asked her assistant dissect cow udders to give the audience a thorough look at where milk comes from. She also discussed what can be found in udders or mammary glands on a cellular level. Hernandez briefly talked about the purpose of each component.

Hernandez talked about the origins of this form of sustenance and discusses the different types of mammals who secrete milk briefly yet thoroughly. She also discussed the difference between plant-based “milk,” including coconut, soy and almond in comparison to real milk.

The most important part of the lecture was regarding dairy nutrition. Hernandez said that fat structures would depend upon the grass cattle grazed on. The type of grass directly influences the amount of fat and proteins produced.

She discussed the importance of supplement consideration as it may affect the taste of the final product. Hernandez mentioned that they do not use a lot of fish oil in their bovine diet to avoid passing on the flavor to the milk produced. She also stated that the color of the milk may help dairy companies determine its richness.

Individuals in the dairy industry will find this lecture eye-opening because it tackles many topics that some people may not be aware of. It will help many people who are new to the industry craft proper nutrition strategies to improve their facilities and aid them in creating a good plan when it comes to cattle sustenance.

View the full lecture by Dr. Laura Hernandez.

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Anatomy and PhysiologyRICK PASCUAL, CPC, PRC

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