By Daniel C. Simmons, CPC

Your resume should always provide an accurate picture of yourself, your work and accomplishments.  By keeping your resume updated and by using some of these words your resume should stand out amongst the rest.

In Dr. Frank Luntz’s 2007 book, Words that Work, he lists 21 words or phrases for the 21st century.  Terms such as “peace of mind” are not going to fit into most resumes; others are impact words that will ring in the ears of today’s business leaders.  Make sure you use the right ones for your resume!

Let’s take a quick look at the easiest ones to use

Accountable – People today are looking for dependable people who get things done.  Being accountable paints the right picture.  Example: Accountable for implementing 14 new processes in 2009, under-budget and on time.

Balanced Approach – Use this to describe how you implement programs, motivate people or interact with people.

Certified – Certification implies that a certain process of review was followed by an authorized organization.  I went through a certification process and all of my literature and my resume show that the National Association of Personnel Services has named me a Certified Personnel Consultant.  Look to see what certifications are available in your industry.

Efficient / Efficiencies – Every organization needs more done with less.  Showing how you have improved efficiencies will show you fit today’s climate.

Independent- Organizations want to hire people who can operate without handholding.  Show how you have used independent thought and action to achieve the organizations goals.

Innovative/Innovation – Few organizations have time or money for inventing new ideas, but all have the desire to create positive change using resources they already have in place.  Provide examples from your work history.

Results – They are hiring someone for one purpose, to get a specific set of results.  In your resume, show that you are results-oriented by providing a list of achievements (results) for each job.  Responsibilities are fine; achievements are great.

Reinvent or Revitalize – Whether it was a team, a program or a neighborhood, if you took something that was old and worn-out and made it bright, shiny and effective, you revitalized it.  Use the term; list the accomplishment.


Others to consider

Patient-Centered – for those in health care

Casual Elegance – for those in design or hospitality

A culture of… to describe how as a manager you turned a group of lazy, trifling, good-for-nothings into a team of professionals with a culture of putting the customers first.

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