Recruiting fees are expensive.  I know.  I often am the person sending out the invoice for a recruiting fee.  So if these are expensive, you should only call when necessary.  The top four reasons for calling a recruiter are when;


You have a confidential search

When replacing someone or recruiting for a sensitive new position a recruiter can provide the anonymity you need and conduct a confidential search.

Your referral system is not enough

The labor market is tight.  It takes a larger pool than ever to find someone with the experience you desire who is willing to make a change.  The referral network that worked in 2014 may not be big enough in 2018.  If you have exhausted your network, it is time to call the recruiter. 

You lack a great recruiting process

Not every company is big enough or old enough to have a world-class recruiting process, or even an effective one.  When you need a defined process or a dedicated person to spearhead your search, call the recruiter.

You do not have expertise in recruiting a particular role

Recently a meat packing company called us to recruit a feed mill manager to run the plant their were building.  Not only did they not have an incumbent or a network, none of them had ever hired a feed mill manager.  It was a good time for them to call a recruiter with appropriate expertise. 

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