Employers across the nation are feeling the effects of the tight labor pool.  Magazines from Money to Feed & Grain are discussing the impact on recruiting in rural America.  You can take your pick of the top reasons it is tough to recruit today.


Why it is tough to recruit

  • The stock market is over 24K. Baby boomers are feeling comfortable enough to retire.
  • European suppliers are entering or expanding in the USA increasing the number of employers.
  • National unemployment at 4.1%, and expected to decline. The overall market is tight.
  • Job satisfaction across the nation is at a ten-year high – 89% up from 88% last year.
  • These and many other reasons have made it an employer’s market

5 Things to do

  • Determine the minimum talent level needed to meet your business objectives, create your recruiting pool from this level, not from the ideal candidate and working down.
  • Have a recruiting process that is thorough, but quick. You do not have time to waste.
  • Describe the job in terms of what the new employee can do (the functions), will learn (increasing their skills) and earn (short-term and long-term). It is all about them.
  • Review your salary ranges, make certain they are current. It is a wide open market today.
  • Consider partnering with a good recruiting firm that understands your market.

For more on the employment market, check out this article from Feed & Grain Magazine.

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