I like to stay informed about the latest dairy news to share with clients in this industry. I came across an informative dairy report on Farm Journal’s MILK.

According to the article, in August, U.S. dairy producers were able to milk more cows in that month than any month in about 20 years. The USDA’s Milk Production report states that the country’s dairy herd may even be larger than the numbers that appear in their report.

The USDA’s initial estimate was that the nation milked about 9.36 million cows. They revised this in July, stating that the milk herd may be higher by 12,000 heads. They also claimed that the July to August increase was a staggering 16,000 head.

In the report, they said that the intense August heat did nothing to slow down milk production. Cows were producing 3% more than their usual volume. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that every state in the contiguous United States experienced hotter than normal summer temperatures. This area is home to some of the top-10 dairy regions.

The heat did nothing to stop Michigan from increasing their yield to 3.5% higher than the previous year. This is also due to the low cull rate of dairy cows. Most owners balk at the net cost involved in culling and replacing older cows.

Another probable cause would be the lower value of meat. This year, sales to feedlots are happening less than the previous years. With the number of dairy heifers rising, this will affect the industry greatly.

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Rick Pascual, CPC, PRC

Milk Production Increased

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