By Dan Simmons

Why You Should Examine Your Career Situation

Just a few weeks ago (April 7) The Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence™ showed that CEO confidence is again on the rise.  The Measure now reads 67, up from 62 during the first quarter of the year.  As for the employment outlook, CEOs are more bullish than last year, with half now saying they intend to ramp up their hiring.

The report goes on to say that half of all CEOs anticipate an increase in employment levels in their industry, up significantly from 30% a year ago.  The proportion of CEOs who anticipate a decrease in hiring declined to 16 percent from 22% a year ago.

The amount of search work at our firm confirms this improved job market.  If this is the current situation, then wise professionals will take this opportunity to examine their current employment situation since opportunities are more plentiful.  After all, it’s wise to “make hay while the sun shines” and land a better position while companies are hiring.

This self-examination is called a career objective statement.  A template and example for this is provided below.  To arrive at this objective, I suggest answering the following questions.

  • Are you really happy doing the functions in your current job?  What functions do you wish to perform during the week so that you will have earned the paycheck you desire at the end of the week?  Are these functions the core of your current job?
  • Where do you want to live/need to live?
  • What are the one or two most likely job titles that would suit the position to which you aspire?
  • What do you expect to earn this year in your current job and are you content with it?  What would you expect to earn in this next role?
  • What professional, educational, and life experience do you have that shows that you’re qualified to take the next step in your career advancement?
  • In what type of organization (size, culture, status, etc.) would you fit in best?  Are you with such a company now?
  • What accomplishments can you provide that demonstrate a track record of success in your focus area?
  • If this ideal situation came your way, are you prepared to resign your present position and accept the new role in the next 30 days?  If not, when?  Why not?
  • Is this the right time for you to make a job change?  What is motivating you to make a change?

Example of a career objective statement:

“To position my career in the way I desire, I would be a ____ or a ____ for a ________ (type of organization).  I want to reside in _______.  I expect to earn between $_____ and ___________ because I have been doing __________ for the last X years and I have a ________ degree.  Additionally, my success with ______ will more than justify this income.  I’m prepared to make this change in the next ______ months.  The right time for me to make this change is ____________ because ____________.”

Once you’ve created this statement, you have clarity in your career objectives and can begin to network with others to achieve this role and boost your career.  If you’d like to start your networking, contact me at  I’d love to hear your career objective.