I was looking for useful industry case studies and came across an article in Science Daily that will help innovate the poultry industry. This will improve the quality of life of both humans and their flock.

Hong Li of University of Delaware, is a key player in a research team that is looking into adding alum to poultry litter. This component will help reduce ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide, in poultry houses.

To support the previous statement, I found a number of studies related to this topic. One study jumped out in particular. This was a study by Ivan Gospodinov, found on Stalosan. He talks of the detrimental effects of ammonia in poultry production and how this has been common knowledge for years. Gospodinov states that ammonia’s effects are most evident within 21 days.

Li says that ammonia levels are high during the growth period. He stated that they were even higher during winter. His main concern is how it can damage the respiratory system of the animals and how it can cause longterm damage.

Hong Li, who is UDel’s assistant professor from the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, has partnered with researchers at the USDA, Oklahoma State University and the University of Tennessee. The results of this research is found in the Journal of Environmental Quality. At present, the project is still ongoing and the major challenges include conserving energy, taking care of the birds’ welfare and controlling nutrient emissions in poultry houses.

Based on recent results, alum, PLT and acid-based chemical compounds work well. These are added to the bedding material before the birds enter the poultry house. Data shows that they are quite effective in emission control.

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