Avian influenza may soon be mitigated with the help of a new strategy, according to an article on The Poultry Site. USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation recently announced the completion of a funded research project that was done at the University of Iowa. Researchers who partook in the study created a mobile system that can inactivate the avian influenza virus.

The study, called Project #BRU008, was conducted by Dr. Albert Ratner and his colleagues from University of Iowa’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The team designed a mobile poultry system that would heat poultry carcasses and manure, which would inactivate avian influenza virus. The trailer will hold multiple gasifiers that use a solid fuel, like wood chips or seed corn, to provide low-cost energy. Based on data run through two types of software, the method can be scaled up, as well.

The mobile system can be used to eliminate avian influenza on infected farms to prevent or control an outbreak. You can find the research summary here. Click here for the article from The Poultry Site.

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