Demand for Poultry Vets Expected to Rise

As a recruiter, I can say that the U.S. poultry industry is quite small, so one can imagine the.demand for DVMs in this industry. According to Poultry Health Today, the demand for poultry DVMs has increased even more. This is partially due to the veterinary feed directive rules, which were updated and took effect on January 1st this year.

There are a number of in-feed medications that could be purchased over-the-counter before but are now deemed medically important to humans by the FDA, thus the need for a VFD. Therefore, poultry production operations that do not have vets on staff are clamoring for one.

If you were to view this from a recruiter’s standpoint and that of a DVM student who plans to specialize in poultry, this is an awesome development. However, if you were to look at the bigger issue, you wouldn’t be too thrilled about this.

According to Mark Jackwood of the University of Georgia, there are limited resources to train DVM hopefuls. He says there were 20 applicants for the University of Georgia’s MAM program. Unfortunately, they could only take three students due to the limited resources. The need for DVMs in poultry is growing rapidly and the manpower on hand just won’t be enough to cater to the demand. Here is a link to the Poultry Health Today article.

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Trish Valenzuela • CPC/ PRC • Recruiter

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Trish Valenzuela specializes in recruiting for poultry feed additive companies. She has filled positions in technical support, sales, and sales management across the USA.

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