2022 Feed Mill Industry Salary Survey

The Feed Mill Management Salary Survey by Continental Search provides feed manufacturers and integrated protein companies up-to-date salary information for feed mill managers, assistants, superintendents, and multisite managers across the USA. We created this survey to allow hiring managers and HR professionals to make smart decisions when drafting an offer letter, getting salaries in line [...]

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2022 Animal Health & Nutrition Tech Salary Survey

The Animal Health & Nutrition Technical Professional Salary Survey by Continental Search provides employers and professionals in the animal sciences with up-to-date salary information for animal nutritionists, veterinarians, researchers, and more. The Animal Health & Nutrition Technical Professional Salary Survey Results provide information from anonymous respondents from across the USA, including location, total compensation, incentive [...]

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Recruiting in a Multi-Generational Talent Pool

What does the Baby Boomer, Generation Xer, and Millennial have in common? They all belong to the workforce. Each generation has special skills and experiences that they can contribute to the workplace. What do the top candidates from these generations want? What will make them want to work with you? Most importantly, what will make [...]

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Simple Steps for a Successful Interview

Simple Steps for a Successful Interview takes you through the entire interview process, from start to finish, and includes tips and suggestions about things you may not have even considered. “Simple Steps” covers everything from what to bring to the interview to how your online identity can affect possible career moves to what you should [...]

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Hunting the Headhunter

Hunting the Headhunter contains a wealth of information for employers who want to leverage the unique abilities of recruiters in their ongoing quest to find—and successfully hire—the best talent available. “Hunting the Headhunter” debunks seven common myths associated with recruiters, and also sprinkles helpful tips throughout. In addition, you’ll learn the “4 Dirty Little Secrets About [...]

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