I came across an article on The Poultry Site that talks about a new vaccine that can fight the Georgia serotypes of avian infectious bronchitis. Avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is a type of coronavirus. It infects chickens and targets the gut, kidney, respiratory tract and even the reproductive system of poultry animals.

According to NCBI, this condition is prevalent in all countries that have an intensive poultry industry. Its infection prevalence can approach 100% in most locations. Vaccination is only partially successful because there is continual emergence of antigenic variations of this disease. Its capacity to continually mutate makes it hard to treat. This is why Cevac® IBron just might be the answer for the Georgia Serotype of avian IBV.

Ceva already offers vaccines that serve as a preventive measure against IBV. However, IBron shows promise. It is alive monovalent vaccine that contains the Georgia (GA) serotype. It can prevent bronchitis caused by the IBV GA08 strain and aids in the reduction of bronchitis brought on by the IBV GA13 strain. This vaccine should be used on healthy chickens one day or older. Please note that proper management practices should be implemented to reduce the exposure of vaccinated poultry to infectious bronchitis for at least two weeks after the vaccination is performed.

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Trish Valenzuela, CPC • Recruiter

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