Top steakhouses know that it is not just the steak, it is the sizzle that sells.  It is all about the presentation.  Smart bosses make job offers with this maxim in mind.  Here is what they do.

First, during the interview process, they identify what is most important to the prospective hire and they make certain to cover this topic in-depth during the offer.  It might be a flexible work schedule, it could be vacation allowance or a great benefits package for the family.  Whatever motivates this person most, even if it is money, they spend an inordinate amount of time discussing it when presenting the offer.  Not only does it show that the boss has listened, it shows they care.

The next thing they do is make a complete offer.  A good job offer is more than a title, a salary and a start date, it has up to 20 aspects.  If the person is relocating or is getting an executive role, add 5-10 more.  The smart boss goes over every portion of the offer from ongoing training to benefits to remind them of the great team they will join.  For more on all the aspects of a job offer see my free e-book.

Lastly, smart bosses know that the best way to communicate and persuade someone is in person.  The next best way is via video call, the next is by phone and the last is email or text.  These hiring managers add a personal touch and discuss the offer, preferably in person.

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