In my previous blog post, I presented per-hour consulting as a way companies can reduce their search costs.  So what in the world is targeted per-hour consulting?  It’s exactly what it implies.

Often, company officials know who they wish to hire, but desire a third-party professional to make the calls and be involved during the early stages of the process.  The reason for this could be that the company either lacks the expertise to make the calls, or more often, it does not desire to be seen poaching a competitor, supplier, or customer.

In these circumstances, employers can save thousands of dollars in search fees by hiring a recruiter on a per-hour basis to do the following:

  • Understand their needs and write their script (90 minutes)
  • Make the calls (10 to 45 minutes per call)
  • Type notes (10 to 15 minutes per call)
  • Follow-up time

By providing a list to the recruiter and managing the bulk of the process, you save money while compensating the recruiter for their time.

Expect rates like your accounting firm or attorney charges, but a lower accumulation of hours.  Not only will you save money, but you’ll make better hires, as well!

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