Hey, it’s Jim! We found an interesting video from Kansas State University, its based on Swine Nutrition Studies that will be beneficial to individuals in the swine industry, especially growers.

The magic formula to raising the best swine has been unlocked. Various studies done by K-State’s Applied Swine Nutrition Research has been incorporated into one useful video. The presentation was done at the K-State Alumni Center during last year’s Swine Day.

The presentation discussed 42 papers and 53 experiments. The studies included a total; of 25,222 pigs. The topics included in the talk were the production consequences of low birth weight in swine, information regarding the new veterinary feed directive, updates regarding the program, the impact of feed processing on performance and PEDv mitigation and a talk regarding important profit drivers in this particular industry.

Production Consequences of Low Birth Weight in Pigs aims to improve both value and survivability of swine. It addresses low survivability in large litters. The end game would be to increase litter size without compromising survival of the piglets as it lessens weaned pig cost.

The research on the new veterinary feed directive talks about weaning off the use of antibiotics regularly in the swine industry. This will help increase consumer safety and be in accordance with the 2015 VFD rule.

Updates regarding the program included various topics including proper supplementation and the all-time favorite, feed efficiency. This talk combined many topics that will prove helpful to individuals who need more information about the swine industry, especially new growers.

The video is 47 minutes of insightful information that will help people transition their “mom ‘n pop” business into a legitimate and fulfilling endeavor. You can read the full presentation here and there’s a video presentation if you would rather watch it.

The swine industry is going through major changes. There will be more research regarding improvements in the next few years. We look forward to more relevant research that will help our clients and their friends revolutionize their business endeavors.

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Jim Hipskind, CPC, Sr. Recruiter

Swine Nutrition Studies

Jim Hipskind brings 30+ years of recruiting experience in processing, manufacturing, food and agriculture.  Jim presently manages searches in feed mill management, engineering, swine farm management and sales in the swine industry.

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