With consumers trying to steer clear of antibiotics in meat, producers are looking for efficient and practical ways to address the demand. If you’re working with producers who want to raise pigs with zero to minimal antibiotic use, Pig Health Today has an article you will want to read.

Mike Tokach, PhD, who is a swine nutrition specialist and a professor at Kansas State University says that there are ways to build swine immunity to minimize the need for antibiotics. Dr. Tokach and his colleagues are looking for ways to minimize the need for antibiotics by using a mix of environmental, nutritional and production strategies to reach their goal.

Tokach and his associates believe that the key to achieving this rests on 3 key factors, an adequate diet, low disease presence and maximized colostrum intake. “If a pig has low-level colostrum intake, we know that its chances of survival out of the farrowing house are greatly diminished and then its chances of having a disease problem in the nursery are also increased if it doesn’t have adequate colostrum consumption,” he said. You can watch the video here.

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