Dr. Holly Sellers of the University of Georgia and Dr. Vijay Durairaj of Boehringer Ingelheim have developed new methods and tools to create improved vaccines against reovirus. On July 5, the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association announced that research project #693 completed at the University of Georgia.

According to Diseases of Poultry, found on The Poultry Site. The most commonly-occurring disease associated with reovirus is viral arthritis. It looks like lameness and swelling of the tarsometatarsal joints and the feet of poultry animals. It is associated with stunting syndrome in the broiler population.

Project #693 is called “Production of Variant Reovirus Hyperimmune Serum for Use as a Diagnostic Tool to Further Characterize Avian Reoviruses from Clinical Cases of Tenosynovitis.” The ultimate goal was to provide future researchers with enough data to make more precise selections about choosing virus isolates for future vaccine inclusions. An endowing gift from Mar-Jac Poultry funded it.

There were three objectives in this research project. The first was to plaque purify representative isolates of the five genotypic clusters. The second was to create clonal hyperimmune serum utilizing every plaque purified virus in chickens. The third was to use the hyperimmune serum panel in cross-neutralization assays to find the antigenic relatedness of field isolates within and between the genotypic clusters. It was done to define relevant subgroups in each group.

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