In my previous blog post, I presented “Recruiting Myth #3,” which once again is as follows:

Giving the search assignment to many recruiters will result in more candidates in less time.

What follows is a case study that proves my point in regards to this myth.

I called a sales manager who needed a Technical Services Rep with a PhD.  He told me that he had 10 recruiters working on this search.  I told him that he didn’t need an 11th and thanked him for his time.

A few months later, I was invited by the company’s CEO to meet with their leadership team to help with their recruiting efforts and improve their recruiting process.  The first assignment was to fill the Technical Services Rep job.

By this time, those 10 recruiters had worked on the search for 10 months and the company had interviewed 10 candidates.  I went on retainer with them, focused on their needs, and filled the position within 60 days.  The candidate worked for the company successfully for five years before being recruited by a major pharmaceutical company.

More did not equal more.  The 10 recruiters working on this assignment were passively working on it.  I actively focused on it . . . and filled it.

The next time you have a search assignment and you want it filled as quickly as possible with the best candidate possible, enlist the services of one recruiting firm—one you trust—and let them focus 100% of their efforts on successfully completing that search.

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