A few months ago, I wrote an article where I discussed the pros and cons of cage-free housing. While it may improve bird well-being, it also poses quite a risk to them. An article from Poultry Health Today states that certain diseases could make this housing system less attractive to producers.

Cage-free egg layers are able to dust bathe, take short flights, perch, and flap their wings. Consumers prefer humanely raised livestock, and producers will comply to ensure that they meet their demands.

Sadly, the downside is the increase in diseases. The Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply performed a study that lasted for over 16 weeks. Data shows that there was a 12% mortality rate for cage-free production and just 4% for conventional and enriched cages. Click here to read about the most common bacterial and parasitic diseases in cage-free layers.

Cage-free production can be tricky. However, with increased education and training, producers who wish to transition to this form of poultry raising will be able to reap the reward, which is an increase in consumer demand.

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Trish Valenzuela • CPC/ PRC • Poultry Recruiter

Trish Valenzuela specializes in recruiting for poultry feed additive companies. She has filled positions in technical support, sales, and sales management across the United States.

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