In a new study reported on Science Daily, researchers have found that MRSA can be transferred via poultry. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus is otherwise called MRSA. It is a dangerous superbug that can be considered deadly, as it can cause severe infections that can affect bones, surgical wounds, joints, the bloodstream, lungs and heart valves according to Mayo Clinic.

The study was published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal recently. MRSA can be transmitted through chickens, pigs and other types of food animals. According to research, this MRSA strain can infect veterinarians, farmers, farm workers and individuals who work closely with livestock.

While this would be considered an occupational risk and highly possible, new data suggests that there is a strain that infects people with no exposure to livestock. The study was done by an international team headed by Robert Skov, MD (Statens Serum Institut) and Lance Price, PhD (Milken Institute School of Public Health) at the George Washington University. The research they did shows that they may have gotten it by handling or eating poultry meat that was contaminated.

Diseases not only kill productivity but can also threaten the health and well-being of individuals who come in close contact with the carrier of the pathogen. For the full case study, click here.  You can read the article from Science Daily here as well.

If you are in the poultry industry, it is important to assess the health and well-being of the flock on a regular basis to prevent development of serious conditions that can affect both poultry and humans.

With the emergence of the MRSA virus, more companies, both large and small are becoming more stringent with their routine checks. Since the demand for poultry is great, this means more jobs for individuals in this industry.

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