The Ag industry has proved time and time again that it is made up of companies that care about the community. I was browsing through Poultry Times when I found an article by Jeff Hardin of the American Egg Board that made me smile.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left so much destruction in their wake. Many establishments were closed due to the flooding and that made it quite challenging for residents in the affected areas.

Jeff went to Montgomery Fairgrounds in Conroe on Labor Day weekend. This was approximately 30 miles north of the flooding. He went to help Tyson Foods’ Meals that Matter® disaster relief program at their base for relief operations. They were assisted by the Texas Egg Council, allied industries, and the Poultry Science Department of Texas A&M.

They found it hard to manage fresh eggs still in the shell possible transportation mishaps. However, they still found ways to get this much-needed protein source out to people. They gave out liquid eggs, scrambled eggs in a bag, and even protein packs. They gave out more than 27 pallets of product.

I am sure that the residents in the area appreciated the gift of a simple meal. While the road to recovery after a hurricane or any other natural disaster can be an uphill climb, little gestures like this can make such a big difference.

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Trish Valenzuela • CPC/ PRC • Poultry Recruiter

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