Gut health remains one of the most crucial concerns in the poultry industry. At the recent IPPE, Sarah Mikesell of The Poultry Site spoke with Dr. Bob Buresh, Novus International’s Technical Services Manager for North America to find out more about this recently trending topic.

Novus has several product lines that focus on improving gut health for their customers’ flocks. Dr. Buresh said that they are very much aware of the “strong impact gut health has on all aspects of performance of the bird.” “It impacts the nutrient digestibility of the animal, the bacterial populations within the gut, and ultimately, the performance of the animal,” he added.

Novus has products like MINTREX, which is composed of chelated trace minerals to strengthen intestinal integrity and a probiotic called SPORULIN. They have also developed a customized approach to help consumers transition into antibiotic-free production.

Project Horizon’s team meets with customers to identify the challenges they are facing as they transition to ABF. Once challenges are identified, the team develops solutions to help the producer address the problems they would like to resolve. Click here to watch the video interview.

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Trish Valenzuela, CPC/ PRC • Poultry Recruiter

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