By Dan Simmons

Receiving an offer of employment is not all about skills.

It’s about something else, as well, and that something else is this simple rule: “People hire people they like.”

This is not something that job seekers always consider when interviewing, but it’s something that should absolutely be considered.  Why is that?  Well, employers look at two skill sets when interviewing candidates, their hard skills and their soft skills.

Hard skills are the specific technical skills needed for the position.  Your resume is probably jam-packed with these types of skills.

Soft skills, often referred to as “people skills,” include how you’ll interact with employees and fit into the overall company culture.

When you’re interviewing, you can bet that you’re being evaluated on your soft skills.  That means the people interviewing you are evaluating how you’re interacting with them.  If they don’t like you and how you’re interacting, you won’t get the offer, regardless of your talent.  That’s why you must approach the entire interview process with a positive attitude.

This positive attitude should show throughout the process, and you can help it show in the following ways:

  • Smile a lot.  Seems simple, but this really works. Many people forget to smile when they are nervous or in new situations.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of your current job when discussing it. No one wants to hear you bash the company you currently work with.
  • Show energy and enthusiasm.  If you truly want this job, then you should have a passion for wanting this job, and that passion should be evident.

The goal is not just to convince the decision makers that you should work for them, but also to convince them that they want to work with you, right alongside you, every day.  You want them to be just as excited about working with you as you’re excited about working for the company.

People want to be around people that they like.  They also like to be around people that have a positive attitude towards their work. As a general rule, people like others who are energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic.  Most of all, though, they like people who are positive . . . and therein lies the power of a positive attitude during the interview process.

Many less qualified people are hired because they’re liked.  Best interview skills often win over best qualifications.

So be sure to put the power of a positive attitude to work for you during your next interview.