By Daniel C. Simmons, CPC

When companies are looking for a very specialized type of talent, they are most likely in urgent need. Sometime, they also want to conduct their search privately, without drawing a lot of attention.

To conduct a speedy search process under the radar, they work with a recruiter who specializes in their particular niche. The reason for this is that the recruiter has acquired a database of top talent and can find qualified candidates very quickly and efficiently.

For example, if you’re in need of a Quality Control Engineer in textile manufacturing:

  • A fairly good generalist will find you someone eventually.
  • Someone who recruits and places Engineers will find you someone faster.
  • A recruiter who actually specializes in Quality Control Engineers already knows qualified candidates you can interview

Understanding this, you now need to know how to find a good specialist recruiter:

  1. Search the Internet using the appropriate keywords for the position you want to fill.
  2. You can find online databases, like and search through their databases for a good specialist recruiter.
  3. Talk to other Quality Control Engineers in your industry, maybe even someone at your own company. Ask them which recruiters stay in touch with them and who they would recommend. This may be your best option.

If you aren’t having any luck finding a recruiter that specializes in Quality Control Engineers, then turn to your usual recruiter, providing him/her membership lists of appropriate trade associations or a list of your competitors, and this will speed the process up enormously.

When recruiting for top talent, emphasize the positives of the job opportunity in order to counteract anything negative, such as the compensation package or the location.

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About the author – Dan Simmons owns Continental Search & Outplacement, Inc., a recruiting firm that recruits for feed manufacturers and their suppliers across the US and Canada.