So, you’ve landed an interview with a company—congrats! Now, before you step foot into that interview room, there’s something important you need to do: research.

Imagine this: you’re in the interview hot seat, and the interviewer asks, “So, what do you know about our company?” Cue the deer-in-the-headlights moment if you haven’t done your research.

Doing your homework on the company can make all the difference between a mediocre interview and a stellar one. With some prep work, you can impress your interviewer and show them you’re not just another clueless candidate. But where do you start? Here’s what you should research about a company before your big day.

Company Overview:

Start with the basics: the company overview. What does the company do? How long have they been around? What are their core values and mission statement? Understanding the fundamentals will give you a solid foundation to build upon during the interview.

Company Culture:

What’s it like to work there? Is it a laid-back startup vibe or a buttoned-up corporate atmosphere? Dig into employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor to get a sense of the company culture and whether it aligns with your own values and work style.

Recent News and Developments:

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments surrounding the company. Have they recently launched a new product? Expanded into new markets? Announced a major merger or acquisition? Being in the know shows you’re proactive and genuinely interested in the company’s success.

Competitors and Industry Trends:

It’s also essential to research the company’s competitors and industry trends. What sets them apart from the competition? How do they stack up in terms of market share and innovation? Understanding the broader industry landscape will help you position yourself as a knowledgeable and strategic candidate.

Key Players and Leadership Team:

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the company’s key players and leadership team. Who are the movers and shakers driving the company forward? What are their backgrounds and areas of expertise? Showing you know the company’s leadership structure demonstrates your attention to detail and genuine interest in the organization.

Knowledge is power; the more you know about the company, the better equipped you’ll be to ace that interview. Thorough preparation can set you apart from the competition. Just follow the roadmap above to research a company before an interview. You’ll enter your interview feeling confident, informed, and ready to impress the hiring manager.

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About the Author

Rick Pascual is the Practice Director for ruminant health and nutrition at Continental Search, a leading recruiting team in the animal sciences. He is a NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant and leads all the research and recruiting for dairy and beef. Rick mostly recruits sales, technical and management professionals for feed manufacturers, feed additive suppliers, and animal pharma.  

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