At certain points during this yearlong series of blog posts, I’ll be presenting tips like the ones in this post.  These tips are meant not only to pass along valuable information, but also as a way to summarize the topics that I’ve addressed to this point. So, here we go. You’re looking for tips to working with a recruiter, right?

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Below are four great tips for working with a recruiter:

  1. Find a recruiter who asks great questions in an effort to understand your business needs.  With that alone, you’re halfway to achieving success!
  1. Find a recruiter who listens to the opportunity and has experience presenting opportunities in a way that people will respond to, and you will be more successful!
  1. Choose a recruiter who you expect can fill the job and give him/her three (3) weeks to present viable candidates.  If they produce candidates—even if they’re not hired—give them time to do the job right.  If they don’t produce, take them off the search, contact another firm, and give them the same exclusive.  Focus and effort produce results.  Having multiple recruiters on the search does not ensure either.
  1. Hiring a recruiter to do targeted per-hour consulting work is a great strategy for determining if you can recruit the top technical people or sales representatives from your competitors without them knowing!

In my next blog post, I’ll be moving on to “Recruiting Myth #5.”

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