So, you’ve noticed that job seekers are asking for higher pay, and you’re wondering why? You’re not alone. According to ZipRecruiter’s Emerging Talent Trends, there’s been a notable shift in the expectations of job seekers.

What’s Important Now

Job seekers today are looking for more than just a fat paycheck. Top of the list are job security, low stress, and flexibility. So, if you’re offering just a big paycheck and a fancy title, you might want to rethink your strategy.

Why the Job Hopping?

People are changing jobs for several reasons – too much stress, insufficient pay, bad management, and no room for growth. If you’re seeing a high turnover, it’s time to look closely at what’s happening in your organization.

A Tip for You:

ZipRecruiter suggests you keep an eye on competitor pay and benefits and lead with your best benefits in job postings. Remember, a competitive salary is just the beginning; you must also offer job security, a stress-free environment, and growth opportunities.

The game has changed, and so have the players. To attract and keep the best, you need to offer more than just a competitive salary. A comprehensive package that includes job security, flexibility, and growth opportunities is essential. Stay ahead of the game by understanding and addressing the changing needs of job seekers.

Note: This blog is based on insights from ZipRecruiter’s Emerging Talent Trends & How to Stay Competitive.

About the Author

Trish Valenzuela is the Practice Director for Monogastric Health & Nutrition at Continental Search. She joined the team in 2015. With her knack for building relationships and a deep understanding of the industry, she has successfully led recruitment efforts for roles within the US, Canada, and Asia.

Trish makes sure to understand what each company needs in a candidate and works closely with them to find the perfect match. She loves learning new things, enjoys going to trade shows, and catching up with folks she’s worked with to keep learning and growing in her field. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or drop her an email at