Recently, I posed an intriguing question to the professional community on LinkedIn: “Do you think AI tools will be a crucial part of future hiring strategies?” The results, though expected, still held a few surprises.

Breakdown of the Poll:

Absolutely – 56%

Maybe – 22%

Not really – 0%

Don’t know yet – 22%

It’s evident. A significant majority believe that AI is not just a trend, but a necessary shift in recruitment. Let me share my thoughts as someone leading a recruiting firm.

1. AI Brings Efficiency

With AI, job postings can be optimized for maximum visibility and relevance. Personalized replies ensure no potential hire feels overlooked. And perhaps, most interestingly, AI tools are bridging language gaps. We’re now seeing platforms that effectively translate languages, eliminating language barriers and expanding our talent pool. This means quicker matches and faster hiring processes.

2. Bias? AI Can Help There Too

Unconscious bias remains a notable concern in recruitment. Traditional hiring involves thorough evaluations of applications to determine who is most updated with industry trends. AI streamlines this, offering speed and precision. It objectively assesses which candidate is truly in sync with industry advancements, allowing us to stay ahead in our decisions.

3. Personalized Candidate Experience

People are not just looking for jobs; they’re looking for experiences. AI tools can help curate a tailored candidate journey. By analyzing candidate data, AI can predict what information a candidate might need next, offering them a personalized experience from the outset.

4. Maybe and Don’t Know Yet

It’s worth noting that 44% of respondents are unsure about AI’s role. This tells me there’s room for education on AI capabilities and benefits. As AI technology develops, its benefits will become more tangible and its integration more seamless.


The data speaks for itself. AI is not just a luxury; it’s fast becoming a necessity in recruitment. I see the wave approaching, and it’s one that, if harnessed correctly, can bring unparalleled benefits to both employers and candidates.

The future of hiring is not just about technology but about integrating technology to ensure the best fit for every position, every time. As tech evolves, so must our strategies. So, to the 56% who said ‘Absolutely’ – I’m with you. To the rest, let’s navigate this transformative journey together.

About the Author

content managerShiena Destura joined Continental Search in 2022 as Content Manager after graduating from university with a journalism degree. She helps the team produce quality content that will provide information to the Ag industry.

You can find Shiena on LinkedIn or send her an email at if you have insights you want to share or collaborate on that will benefit the industry.