Know What You Really Want: Career Advice for Job Seekers

Are you currently on the hunt for a job or are you daydreaming about a role that would suit you better? Perhaps, you've been scouring job postings, sending out resumes, and attending interviews. Whether you are actively looking for a new role, or just evaluating options, this blog post will provide food for thought. [...]

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Why Taking Risks Can Lead to Professional Growth

Mid-career professionals often find themselves at a crossroads. After years of building their careers, they talk about being happy with their current roles. However, speak to them about offers from other companies, and you’ll pique their interest. They’ll wonder if they're missing out on something. This reaction is entirely normal and, in fact, can [...]

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Accomplishments to Differentiate You in the Job Market

You spend hours crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, only to hear crickets from potential employers and recruiters. Job hunting sure can be frustrating. In today's job market, standing out from the crowd of applicants can be a daunting task. With so many people vying for prize positions, it's essential to find ways [...]

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Poll Reveals Salary and Benefits Top Priority for Job Hunters

Are you a job hunter or an employer? Regardless of which side of the hiring process you are on, you should understand what factors matter most when evaluating a job opportunity. To shed light on this topic, we conducted a poll with 49 respondents, and the results may surprise you. Salary and Benefits Matter [...]

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Poll Results: Are Pay Raises Keeping Up with Inflation?

Money makes the world go round, and when it comes to work, salary is a major factor in job satisfaction. With inflation constantly on the rise, it can be challenging to keep up with the cost of living. Inflation is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to salary negotiations and job satisfaction. [...]

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Overcoming Job Search Challenges: Insights from Our Latest Poll

Are you a job hunter struggling to land your dream job or an employer having difficulty finding the right candidate? You're not alone! We conducted a poll and discovered that the biggest challenge faced by job seekers is the application process, with 42% of respondents highlighting it as their primary difficulty. Let's explore this [...]

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Salary Survey News: & Continental Search Launches Swine Live Production and Continental Search are pleased to announce the launching of their Swine Live Production Salary Survey. This comprehensive survey will gather data on the current salary trends of swine industry professionals in the US and Canada.  With the support of, the two firms are confident to reach a larger audience and provide [...]

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Salary Survey: Swine Live Production

A and Continental Search Collaboration: Salary Survey Pig Careers is partnering with Continental Search, a leading recruitment firm in animal health, nutrition, and production, to conduct a comprehensive salary survey on swine live production. is sponsoring and promoting this industry service. The Swine Live Production Salary Survey will provide detailed data [...]

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