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MPP-Dairy Check Processing Began on June 4

We talked about MPP-Dairy a few months ago. According to Progressive Dairyman, the deadline was on June 1, 2018. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) made certain that interested farmers were able to enroll by the June 1 deadline. They were given the option to download and fill out the application form or to visit the FSA [...]

2018-06-20T12:42:46-05:00June 20th, 2018|

Is Low-Cost the Optimal Choice for Calves?

I dropped by Dairy Herd Management and came across an interesting article. For the longest time, I had been wondering if low-cost calf feeding was the ultimate was to improve gains for dairy farmers. I guess the article by guest writer, Robert B Corbett DVM, PAS, answered most of my questions. The cost of raising [...]

2018-05-30T16:12:25-05:00May 30th, 2018|

Dairy Farmers Have Healthier Noses and Mouths?

It looks like dairy farmers have something they can boast about: more diverse nasal bacteria. According to EDairyNews, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute published their first study about this in the journal PLoS ONE. The study was done in central Wisconsin. It involved nasal and oral sample collection from 21 dairy farmers and 18 individuals working [...]

2018-05-03T16:08:13-05:00May 3rd, 2018|

Selective Dry Cow Therapy: Pass or Fail?

Due to the increase in public health concerns about the use of antimicrobials, blanket dry cow therapy (BDCT) might not be the best method to use. This is why many U.S. dairy herds are considering selective dry cow therapy (SDCT). However, according to Dairy Herd Management, we’re still waiting to hear if it is the [...]

2018-04-27T13:16:17-05:00April 27th, 2018|

The First 15 Minutes are Crucial in Calving

Experts say that the first 15 minutes of a calf’s life can be the most crucial, as it impact how she performs for the rest of her life. Jim Dickrell of Dairy Herd Management spoke with Amanda Fordyce, a technical dairy calf consultant for Milk Products, to find helpful tips, which we will briefly discuss [...]

2018-04-17T09:23:13-05:00April 17th, 2018|

2018 Spending Bill Program Promising for Dairy Producers

I shared an article about NMPF’s suggestions to improve 2018’s MMP-Dairy a few days ago. Now it looks like President Donald Trump has just signed a stopgap spending measure that will protect dairy farmers. According to Farm Journal’s MILK, Jim Weisenmeyer, a ProFarmer’s Washington policy analyst, said these changes were the most significant ones he [...]

2018-03-20T11:06:59-05:00March 20th, 2018|

NMPF Suggestions to Improve 2018 MMP-Dairy

Dairy Industry News I shared an article about MMP before Christmas last year. According to Progressive Dairyman, Sonny Perdue, the U.S. Ag secretary, promises that there will be a stronger safety net for the 2018 Farm Bill. Perdue says this will allow farmers to “weather times of economic stress without distorting markets or increasing shallow loss [...]

2018-02-19T16:48:18-06:00February 19th, 2018|

Can Feed Management Software Improve Milk Production?

With the demand for milk being so high on a global scale, dairy producers are looking for ways to increase their output. An article by Sue Hart of VAS provides insights regarding the efficacy of feed management software for improving total milk output. According to Hart, feed is responsible for about 50% of the cost [...]

2018-01-29T12:30:09-06:00January 29th, 2018|

PSU Extension Releases Best Milking Practices Online Course

Mastitis is a serious condition that not only affects a herd’s output but their quality of life, as well. Dairy Herd Management just announced that Penn State University Extension currently offers an online course called “Best Milking Practices.” This is a self-paced course for producers, employees, and managers in the dairy industry. It covers concepts [...]

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