As professionals enter the mid-career phase, it’s common to start feeling like something is missing. The initial excitement of starting a new job has faded, and the reality of long hours, demanding projects, and office politics may have set in. At this point, taking a step back and evaluating where you stand in your career journey is essential.

If you’re at this point in your career, I suggest you ask yourself if you’re on track to chasing your dream job. Most often, the answer is no. The dream job that once seemed ideal may not be satisfying anymore, or perhaps there’s a new career path that you’re curious about.

So, what should you do when you find yourself in this situation?

The first step is to identify what your dream job really is. Is it the same job you’re currently in, or is there a new challenge that you want to tackle? Once you have a clear idea of what your ideal role looks like, you should evaluate your current job and determine if it’s enough.

Sometimes, a minor adjustment in the current job can help professionals stay motivated and engaged. For instance, you could ask for more challenging assignments, negotiate a better salary, or take on a leadership role in a project.

However, if the current job doesn’t align with your career goals, it’s time to start chasing the next big thing.

This may involve acquiring new skills, networking with industry experts, or exploring a new industry altogether. It may also mean taking on additional education or certification programs to make oneself more marketable.

Ultimately, mid-career professionals should keep in mind that a career is a journey, not a destination. You need to be flexible, adaptable, and willing to take risks to achieve your career goals. By being proactive and strategic, you can overcome the mid-career crisis and find a fulfilling and satisfying career path.

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About the Author

Maria Codilla is the Practice Manager for pork production/processing at Continental Search, a leading recruiting team in the animal sciences. She is a NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant and has the latest opportunities for swine farm managers, nutritionists, geneticists, and veterinarians.

Maria first joined Continental Search as Content Manager. Her impressive interpersonal skills earned her promotion to Talent Scout and then to Feed Mill Recruiter. 

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