Once again, this myth is more detailed than the title suggests, so I’ve presented it below in its entirety:

Relegating recruiters to only deal with the HR department keeps them from recruiting our people and speeds up the process.

Many companies have a policy of relegating recruiters to only speak with the Human Resources department.  While it’s rumored in recruiting circles that control-hungry human resources executives developed this policy to make themselves seem important, that is probably only true in some cases.

It was most likely caused by lousy recruiters who wasted everyone’s time or their unethical practices.

There is a better way, and it improves efficiencies.  Once a recruiter has shown professionalism and has reviewed the basics of the position you need to fill, set up a 15- to 30-minute conference call with the hiring manager, the recruiter, and the HR rep who works with this department.

Have the recruiter provide a list of topics or questions so the manager can be prepared, and let the conversation flow.  This will give all parties a better understanding of the requirements and opportunities offered.  It will increase the speed with which you receive candidates and enhance the quality of the candidates being considered.

If your company is worried about the recruiter recruiting your people for other clients, have the recruiter sign a “no-hire agreement” or work with recruiters who have that policy already in their services agreement.

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