Somewhere over the rainbow, there liked a wizard who held the keys to the Land of Oz.  There was mystery and wonder about who this man really was.

The pivotal scene in the film The Wizard of Oz was when Dorothy finally pulled back the curtain, revealing the Wizard as an ordinary man.  The greatest lesson we all learned was that a normal man can solve even the most difficult dilemma.

Recruiters like to been seen as wizards of sorts, with confidential searches, high-level contacts, databases full of intimate information, and complex tools.  They’ve even created catchy job titles, such as “Headhunter,” “Executive Recruiter,” “Talent Acquisition Specialist,” and “Certified Personnel Consultant.”

I know, as I have personally used these titles for years.

However, a recruiter doesn’t have to be a wizard to provide tremendous value to your company.  In fact, providing that value is easier than you might think, and the three statements below serve as a starting point.

  1. A top recruiter understands your company’s business.
  1. A top recruiter understands your company’s vision.
  1. A top recruiter understands your company’s goals.

Normal men and normal women can solve even the most difficult dilemmas, including how to find top talent to fill your open positions.

Throughout all of 2013, I will be writing a series of blog posts regarding this very topic.  I will outline a blueprint to follow, so that you can not only find a great recruiter, but also build a great relationship with that recruiter.

Because once accomplished, you’ll discover that the star employees you need are a lot closer than “over the rainbow.”

(For more information about maximizing the benefits of working with a recruiter, download a copy of Dan Simmons’s e-Book, Hunting the Headhunter: Your Guide to Debunking Myths, Cutting Costs, and Changing the Way You Play the Recruitment Game.)