NCC Releases Chicken Guarantees

The National Chicken Council, which is the oldest and largest national association that represents the broiler industry, has released a set of industry-wide standards. According to an article on The Poultry.Site, the “Chicken Guarantees” were launched. as part of the NCC Chicken Check-In program. U.S. chicken consumption is currently at an all-time high. The Chicken [...]

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Recruiting Myth #2: Recruiting is Easy

Human Resource professionals are often the ones who propagate this recruiting myth. Many HR professionals appear to resent recruiters because they see a recruiter make a call into their company, get a search, fill it in weeks, and then receive a check that equals three to six months of their salary.

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Audit Your Process for Hiring Passive Candidates

There are distinct differences between a passive candidate and an active job seeker—their motivation, their approach, how they’ll respond during the recruiting and hiring process, etc. These differences are often easy to forget at the beginning of the process, but they should not be forgotten.

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The ‘New Math’ of Recruiting & Hiring in Today’s Marketplace

Today’s marketplace comes with unique challenges for those companies continually seeking to hire only the best and brightest candidates. Hiring the best and brightest has always presented obstacles and challenges, but events within the economy since 2008 have created special circumstances that have made hiring superstar candidates even more difficult for some companies. The reason: They’re having trouble accepting the “new math” of today’s marketplace.

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Common Hiring Mistakes: Neglecting to Sell the Job & the Opportunity

Adequately selling the job or opportunity to a candidate. There are some common hiring rules that should never be broken, regardless of the situation or circumstances. Unfortunately, this is all too often the case. Even during good economic times, companies often fail to sell their opportunity to those who have already shown interest. Then, during a downturn, fewer companies actually go to the trouble of effectively engaging top talent during the interview process.

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