Ah, the delicate dance of courtship—be it in love or the pursuit of a high-caliber candidate. The sparks, the anticipation, and finally, the moment of truth when the question is popped. But in recruitment, the equivalent of a romantic proposal is the job offer. So, how can you woo your desired candidate with an offer they simply can’t refuse? 

Imagine the scene: a suitor, in a dimly lit restaurant, proposes to their beloved, presenting a shimmering diamond. The setting is romantic and they hope for a “YES!” But instead, they get, “I need to consider other suitors before deciding.” This situation can be likened to making a job offer that is met with hesitation instead of immediate acceptance.

So how does one guarantee that “YES!” in recruitment? Perhaps not with wine, but definitely by crafting an irresistible offer. In today’s job market, top talent is spoiled for choice. Employers must roll out the red carpet, sprinkle rose petals, and perhaps throw in a metaphorical diamond ring in the form of a signing bonus.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you sweep your dream candidate off their feet:

  • Maximize your salary offer. No one wants to haggle over a few thousand dollars when the competition is lurking. Time to go big or go home.
  • Dazzle with a signing bonus. Nothing says “commit to me” like a one-time, sparkly incentive.
  • Be swift and decisive. In matters of the heart and the job market, hesitation can lead to heartbreak (or a lost candidate).
  • Document your offer. A written offer keeps everyone on the same page and avoids any misunderstanding.

When your candidate exclaims, “What a fantastic offer!” you know you’ve won their heart (or at least their professional commitment). However, if the response is a mere, “That’s an attractive offer,” it’s time to up your game, dear recruiter.

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About the Author

Rick Pascual is the Practice Director for ruminant health and nutrition at Continental Search, a leading recruiting team in the animal sciences. He is a NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant and leads all the research and recruiting for dairy and beef. Rick mostly recruits sales, technical and management professionals for feed manufacturers, feed additive suppliers, and animal pharma. 

For the latest job opportunities, you may connect with Rick on LinkedIn or email him at rick@continentalsearch.com.