Salary Survey News: & Continental Search Launches Swine Live Production and Continental Search are pleased to announce the launching of their Swine Live Production Salary Survey. This comprehensive survey will gather data on the current salary trends of swine industry professionals in the US and Canada.  With the support of, the two firms are confident to reach a larger audience and provide [...]

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Salary Survey: Swine Live Production

A and Continental Search Collaboration: Salary Survey Pig Careers is partnering with Continental Search, a leading recruitment firm in animal health, nutrition, and production, to conduct a comprehensive salary survey on swine live production. is sponsoring and promoting this industry service. The Swine Live Production Salary Survey will provide detailed data [...]

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Effective Career Management: Proactive Steps to a Fulfilling Career

Feeling stuck in your current career and wondering how to take control of your professional development? Don’t worry, for that’s a common feeling, one that I've experienced myself. The tips I’m about to share I have learned from speaking with hundreds of successful professionals throughout my recruiting career.  They can help you stay on [...]

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Tips and Strategies for Maximizing Your Veterinary Recruitment Efforts

Finding qualified veterinarians can be difficult due to their specialized nature. Recently, more subspecialties have been created. Other factors include the high cost of education but low starting wage, the preference for experienced workers over fresh graduates, and the competitive nature of the veterinary industry. From providing medical care to assisting in research initiatives, [...]

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Common Interview Questions That Trip People Up

Interviews are typically a combination of standard, unconventional, and difficult questions. The last two may catch you off guard, but they are there to test your problem-solving and communication skills. They include questions such as “What are your weaknesses,” which answering may feel like putting yourself down. However, such questions allow you to discuss [...]

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A 6-Point Checklist for Giving Thanks for Your Employer

Considering the fact that on average, people spend approximately one quarter of their lives at their place of employment (which doesn’t, of course, include overtime), it makes sense that you should feel thankful for the company for which you work. As one might imagine, all companies fall somewhere between two polar opposites. At one end [...]

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