Zoetis Panel Discusses Building a Stronger Bird

The growing “no antibiotics ever” trend has veterinarians advocating the need for vaccinations even more. The Poultry Site published an article with a link to an exciting round table discussion, link to be provided below. The discussion, sponsored by Zoetis, brought together an all-star group. They discussed how to build a stronger bird. The panel [...]

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Vaccinations Up, E Coli Down

E.coli, also known as colibacillosis, is one of the most economically significant and common diseases in poultry all over the world. Poultry Health Today says that new studies make it clear how vaccination helps birds all over the world fight against E. coli. Studies presented at the 2017 World Veterinary Poultry Association meeting held in [...]

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Zavala Says Vaccinate For CAV

With consumers demanding all-organic food, many companies in the poultry industry are struggling as they try to come up with the right balance that will appease the public while keeping the birds healthy. The Poultry Site recently shared a video of Guillermo Zavala, DVM, Ph.D. with Avian Health International, LLC. In the video, Zavala addresses [...]

2018-05-03T17:09:38-05:00May 3rd, 2018|

Researchers Still Baffled By Wooden Breast Syndrome

A year and a half ago, I shared an article about how University of Delaware researchers studied wooden breast syndrome. This condition is a disease that is relatively new and according to The Poultry Site, it still baffles researchers. Luke Borst, DVM, Ph.D., is a veterinarian and associate professor at North Carolina State University and [...]

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Myths About IBD in Broilers

According to The Poultry Site, infectious bursal disease or IBD is one of the most common diseases in poultry and also the most misunderstood. They spoke with Kalen Cookson, DVM, who is a poultry veterinarian with Zoetis. He shared the most common misconceptions people have about IBD in broilers. Hens Transfer IBD to Progeny Unlike [...]

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E. Coli Vaccination to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Broilers

The poultry industry is facing a lot of pressure and remains under close scrutiny from consumers regarding antibiotic usage. An article in The Poultry Site talks about a wonderful breakthrough that might help producers keep their flocks safe and reduce antibiotic usage, as well. E. coli infection, otherwise known as colibacillosis, is a common concern for [...]

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Lysine: Can Too Much Be Bad?

We all know that proper supplementation is one of the key factors that boosts overall poultry health and wellness. Lysine is one major component that is incorporated in feed rations for a wide range of species. This article in Extension that discusses basic poultry nutrition even mentions it in the protein section of the said [...]

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New Study Shows Increased Mortality in Cage-Free Production

A few months ago, I wrote an article where I discussed the pros and cons of cage-free housing. While it may improve bird well-being, it also poses quite a risk to them. An article from Poultry Health Today states that certain diseases could make this housing system less attractive to producers. Cage-free egg layers are [...]

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USPOULTRY Approves 7 New Research Grants

USPOULTRY Approves 7 New Research Grants Research is an integral part of any industry, especially animal nutrition. New developments can help the industry evolve to better serve consumers. The Poultry Site just released an article that talks about how USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation approved seven new research grants at five institutions. The total amount [...]

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Tips for Winter Respiratory Disease Prevention in Poultry

Tips for Winter Respiratory Disease Prevention in Poultry Winter is coming and most broiler producers are aware that this can be a critical time for their flock. This article from The Poultry Site will come in handy if you are looking for ways to prevent flock respiratory disease come winter. Tak Niino, VMD, who is [...]

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