Tips for Getting a Position in Poultry Nutrition

Are you interested in a career in poultry nutrition? The industry is rapidly growing, and there's a high demand for skilled professionals to manage feeding programs for poultry farms. To break into this field, here’s what you should do: Get Educated and Trained A degree in poultry science, animal science, nutrition, or a related [...]

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Reduced Salmonellosis with MLVs

According to Poultry Health Today, a Brazilian study has brought the poultry industry closer to eradicating salmonellosis. The research was done to see if a commercial MLV could cross-protect against a strain of S. Heidelberg (SH) that is common to the country and is widely implicated in non-typhoidal Salmonella infections. “The epidemiology and control of [...]

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Mobile Poultry System to Eliminate Avian Influenza Virus

Avian influenza may soon be mitigated with the help of a new strategy, according to an article on The Poultry Site. USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation recently announced the completion of a funded research project that was done at the University of Iowa. Researchers who partook in the study created a mobile system that can [...]

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Can Blackhead Disease Decrease Egg Production?

The productivity of a layer hen is dependent upon many factors, especially overall health and wellness. Did you know that a certain condition called Blackhead Disease can compromise their productivity, as well? North Carolina State University’s Christina Sigmon said that this condition can lead to a substantial drop in egg production during the 2018 Poultry [...]

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Can Natural Disease Resistance Be Bred Into Birds?

Imagine breeding birds in such a way that you make them resistant to diseases. With antibiotic-free being such a hot topic these days, that would be a welcome option. Mortality rates would drop significantly and producers would only have to worry about getting the birds to the right size. Well, according to an article in [...]

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UV Light For Broilers

Windows in poultry houses? Trust me, it isn’t just to improve the view. Poultry Health Today recently published an interesting video that talks about the importance of light for broilers. Poultry Health Today spoke with Rachel Lynn Dennis, Ph.D., who is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland. UV light improves the environment for [...]

2018-08-10T17:11:41-05:00August 10th, 2018|

VND Alert in Southern California

Bird mortality due to infectious diseases is never a welcome occurrence. The Poultry Site recently shared an update about the spread of virulent Newcastle disease, formerly known as Exotic Newcastle Disease, in Southern California. According to the USDA, this disease is so virulent that many birds and poultry perish without exhibiting clinical signs. The California [...]

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Gut Health Solutions From Novus

Gut health remains one of the most crucial concerns in the poultry industry. At the recent IPPE, Sarah Mikesell of The Poultry Site spoke with Dr. Bob Buresh, Novus International’s Technical Services Manager for North America to find out more about this recently trending topic. Novus has several product lines that focus on improving gut [...]

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New Viral Vectored Vaccine By Pirbright

I was browsing through The Poultry Site when I came across an article about a new vaccine that might interest producers. The Pirbright Institute has developed a recombinant vaccine that uses a new viral vector which makes it effective against infectious bursal disease and Marek’s disease. A good amount of poultry vaccines are composed of [...]

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Are You Ready For the USPOULTRY 2019 Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award Competition?

USPOULTRY has begun accepting nominations for the 2019 Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award. This award will go to family farmers in poultry and egg production who are good examples of environmental stewardship. Nominees can be any family-owned egg producer or poultry grower that supplies product to a USPOULTRY member or even a USPOULTRY member who [...]

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