South Korea Removes U.S. Poultry Ban

South Korea Removes U.S. Ban from Poultry Products U.S. broiler companies will exhilarate to hear that South Korea has lifted the ban on poultry and poultry products from the U.S. According to an article in Poultry Times, the ban was off for products slaughtered after August 16, 2017. The ban was put in place due [...]

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Novus on Addressing Customer Pain Points for Profitability

With the recent NCC rules laid out, we were keen to hear about what other producers had to say about quality. Sarah Mikesell, the senior editor for The Poultry Site, spoke to Ed Galo, the managing editor for Novus International’s North American division. Galo says that their profitability relies on focusing on drivers or pain [...]

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NCC Releases Chicken Guarantees

The National Chicken Council, which is the oldest and largest national association that represents the broiler industry, has released a set of industry-wide standards. According to an article on The Poultry.Site, the “Chicken Guarantees” were launched. as part of the NCC Chicken Check-In program. U.S. chicken consumption is currently at an all-time high. The Chicken [...]

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Demand for Poultry Vets Expected to Rise

Demand for Poultry Vets Expected to Rise As a recruiter, I can say that the U.S. poultry industry is quite small, so one can imagine the.demand for DVMs in this industry. According to Poultry Health Today, the demand for poultry DVMs has increased even more. This is partially due to the veterinary feed directive rules, [...]

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Bird Vocalization as Poultry Condition Assessment

Bird Vocalization: Potential Flock Assessment Did you know that bird vocalizations can help you assess the conditions of your flock? According to an article in Poultry Times, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is exploring this as a possible way to determine conditions in growout facilities. The research is being done to look for new early [...]

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Antibiotics vs. Antibiotic-free: A DVM Weighs In

The livestock industry has been divided by the. antibiotics vs. antibiotic-free debate for decades. In an article, I found on Poultry Health Today, David French, the Staff Veterinarian of Sanderson Farms weighs in on the issue. According to French, “It has nothing to do with science” is the.message that he has gotten from two different restaurant. [...]

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Latest Research on Avian Reoviruses

Dr. Holly Sellers of the University of Georgia and Dr. Vijay Durairaj of Boehringer Ingelheim have developed new methods and tools to create improved vaccines against reovirus. On July 5, the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association announced that research project #693 completed at the University of Georgia. According to Diseases of Poultry, found on The [...]

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Fighting Avian Infectious Bronchitis with Ceva’s IBron

I came across an article on The Poultry Site that talks about a new vaccine that can fight the Georgia serotypes of avian infectious bronchitis. Avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is a type of coronavirus. It infects chickens and targets the gut, kidney, respiratory tract and even the reproductive system of poultry animals. According to [...]

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Vaccines Protect Your Birds from IBV Shedding

I recently wrote about Ceva’s IBron which helps fight the Georgia serotypes of avian infectious bronchitis or IBV, a coronavirus that mutates fast and can be deadly in chickens. I chanced upon an article on Poultry Health Today that talks about shedding of IBV into the environment. Apparently, it does little to affect birds that have held [...]

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Could This Be The End of Male Chick Culling?

Ovabrite, Vital Farms’ new subsidiary has partnered with an Israeli tech company called Novatrans to create the TeraEgg. An article in Poultry Times talks about this innovation that can possibly end the deaths of 7 billion chicks a year. Male chicks of the egg laying breeds do not produce enough meat to justify allowing them [...]

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