We’re halfway through the year, and it’s worth remembering: saying “good job” goes a long way. A quick pat on the back can really lift spirits. But people often want something more concrete, too. Ask yourself: Do I have any reward systems in place? If I do, are they working? Are they fair?

It’s very frustrating for staff if they’re promised a bonus, work hard for it, and then never see it. It’s even worse if it seems like they might get it, only for it to slip away at the last moment. Do you celebrate staff achievements at the end of the year? If you do, could you do it better? If you don’t, why not?

Don’t worry too much about the cost. Think about all the money and effort you’ve already put into your staff. The price of keeping them happy is a good investment. Remember, there’s always someone else out there who might be happy to scoop up any unhappy high-achievers on your team.

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About the Author

Trish Valenzuela joined Continental Search in 2015 and was initially tasked with supporting the dairy recruitment team. A year later, she spearheaded the poultry recruitment team.

Trish is a NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant and leads all the research and recruiting for poultry and swine. Trish recruits sales and technical professionals in this industry. She takes the time to listen and ask decision-makers what they’re really looking for in a candidate.

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