In a market where top-quality candidates are elusive, imagine having one practically land in your lap. This might seem improbable, but it’s entirely possible with a robust relationship with your recruiters. An MPC in recruiting terms stands for Most Placeable Candidate.

Recruiters spend considerable time researching and qualifying key players in their field. Occasionally, they encounter someone extraordinary, not necessarily fitting any current vacancies, but a candidate who stands out. This is the “MPC.”

“MPCs” typically have:

  1. A consistent employment history with progressive responsibilities
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Exceptional team collaboration
  4. Outstanding professional accomplishments
  5. Strong motivation

“MPCs” usually aren’t active job seekers, but they are open to opportunities that serve their long-term career interests, not just a salary hike.

To encounter more “MPCs,” foster strong relationships with your recruiters. Trust them to source the best candidates for you. Open up about your plans, your team, and yourself. If the recruiters you work with embody the four C’s and have a solid relationship with you, you’ve chosen well. Otherwise, it might be time for re-evaluation.

Allow your recruiters the flexibility to go beyond specific qualifications. A professional recruiter, familiar with your needs and your company culture, can act as your “talent scout,” introducing you to candidates you might not have discovered on your own.

Investing in quality relationships with recruiters and granting them the latitude to present their best candidates can help you stay ahead of the competition. This enables you to fully leverage a recruiter’s resources to your advantage.

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About the Author

Trish Valenzuela joined Continental Search in 2015 and was initially tasked with supporting the dairy recruitment team. A year later, she spearheaded the poultry recruitment team.

Trish is a NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant and leads all the research and recruiting for poultry and swine. Trish recruits sales and technical professionals in this industry. She takes the time to listen and ask decision-makers what they’re really looking for in a candidate.

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