Finding a standout candidate is like searching for the perfect diamond. You’d consult a trusted jeweler about the four C’s: carat, color, clarity, cut. In recruiting, you’re seeking your diamond – the top candidate. When you need help, you turn to a recruiter. Choosing the right one is as crucial as choosing the perfect gem. What should you look for? Consider the four C’s of a quality recruiter: character, connections, communication, and commitment.

  1. Character: Look for recruiters with high integrity and professional standards. You should feel confident that the information they provide is trustworthy, their judgment sound, and their motivations clear.
  2. Connections: A good recruiter should be well-connected within your niche or industry. They should know your competitors and the top talents, and have the network to meet your varied demands. Recruiters with extensive connections often complete assignments more swiftly.
  3. Communication: The key to effective relationships is communication. Your recruiter should communicate effectively, provide you with the necessary information and be receptive to your feedback. They should know you well, understand your operating procedures, and build a rapport through constant dialogue.
  4. Commitment: A quality recruiter is committed to completing a search. They should understand your organization, its culture, and philosophy. They should provide feedback about the progress of the search and make you aware of top performers in your industry, regardless of whether or not they’re currently working on an assignment for you.

In an increasingly tight candidate market, a solid recruiting professional is invaluable. A quality recruiter should demonstrate character, have significant connections, communicate effectively, and show commitment to their tasks. This ensures a long-term relationship where you’re kept informed about appropriate talent.

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About the Author

Maria Codilla is the Practice Manager for pork production/processing at Continental Search, a leading recruiting team in the animal sciences. She is a NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant and has the latest opportunities for swine farm managers, nutritionists, geneticists, and veterinarians.

Maria first joined Continental Search as Content Manager. Her impressive interpersonal skills earned her promotion to Talent Scout and then to Feed Mill Recruiter.

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