Challenging the ‘Perfect Candidate’ Paradigm

Intricate issues often have the knack of generating further complex problems, often larger and trickier than the initial hiccup. The economic landscape is no exception. Consider the present economic climate. With recovery proceeding at a slow pace, companies are desperately seeking out talent, but their search strategies often leave much to be desired. [...]

Speed Up Your Hiring Process for the Best Talent

The current employment market is dominated by talented job seekers. Top-notch candidates are in high demand. Organizations that can swiftly identify and recruit them will prosper in the face of an impending labor crisis. Although you cannot control the number of applicants, you can indeed control something very important—time. Time to carefully evaluate [...]

Material Offerings: A Necessity or a Trap?

In the business world, companies often use material offerings - things like pay, flexible work options, office space, equipment, and other perks - to attract and keep employees. These offerings are easy to understand, quick to give out, and usually well-received by employees. Especially during The Great Resignation, when many people are changing [...]

Understanding the Great Resignation

The contemporary labor market is currently facing an intriguing phenomenon, widely referred to as "The Great Resignation". This term has been coined to describe the massive wave of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs, significantly affecting the workforce worldwide. As Mortensen and Edmondson explain in their Harvard Business Review article, "Rethink Your Employee Value [...]