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Continental Search’s New Ag Tech Recruiter

Ocean View, DE – Continental Search just promoted Andy Chatterjee to Ag Tech Recruiter. Andy joined the firm as Director of Operations in 2012. In 2016 he was promoted to talent scout before becoming the firm’s Beef and Swine Recruitment Specialist in 2018. Presently, Andy is working in under Jim Hipskind, Head of the Ag Tech and Manufacturing branch of continental Search. The [...]

Continental Search’s New Feed Mill Recruiter

Ocean View, DE – Continental Search just promoted Maria Codilla to Feed Mill Recruiter. Maria started out as a content writer but began to show promise in recruitment. She was a talent scout and later began to make placements in the dairy direct-to-farm sector. Maria is working closely with Jim Hipskind, who has been [...]

Continental Search’s Dairy and Beef Recruiter

Ocean View, DE – Continental Search is proud to announce that effective today, April 1, Rick Pascual will handle both dairy and beef searches. Rick joined the company in 2015 and has shown the greatest promise for working with different searches in the ruminant sector. Presently, Rick is working on projects from mid-level nutrition positions to searches for upper management [...]

Continental Search’s New Head of Ag Tech and Manufacturing

Ocean View, DE – Continental Search is excited to inform the public that the firm has created a branch solely devoted to Ag Tech and Manufacturing. This will be headed by Jim Hipskind, CPC who has been recruiting in manufacturing since 1986. Effective March 1, Jim will be the point person for all searches that involve Ag Tech and Manufacturing. He will work closely with [...]

A 6-Point Checklist for Giving Thanks for Your Employer

Considering the fact that on average, people spend approximately one quarter of their lives at their place of employment (which doesn’t, of course, include overtime), it makes sense that you should feel thankful for the company for which you work. As one might imagine, all companies fall somewhere between two polar opposites. At one [...]